Garden Frutta

A boundless passion

Every big company is founded on a handful of core values that guarantee its success and growth: perseverance, initiative, foresight and, above all, passion. Our company is rooted in these values, as well as in the tireless energy of a family that, for generations, has sought the richest paths offering the best fruits from the forests around Trento: strawberries, blueberries, currants, blackberries and raspberries.

Our love for berries blossomed through the daily contact with our land. This love still guides us in every choice and has supported and inspired us to go beyond the boundaries of the local market. Becoming producers first, thereby contributing to the expansion of these precious gems of the forest throughout our country, and then establishing ourselves as one of the leading companies in Italy in this field.

Alongside the production of berries, we have progressively and naturally expanded our offer developing an ever growing distribution of gourmet products, such as exotic fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and aromatic herbs.

A kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances. To suit everyone’s taste.

Over the years, with the same attention paid in selecting the best fruits, we have created a vast network of direct and trustworthy contacts with producers based in Italy and abroad, who share our value for quality and ensure that we have certified products always available.

Molto più di un’azienda. Una famiglia.

Renzo Passerini

Managing Director


Matteo Mosca



Eleonora Mosca



Francesco Mosca

Warehouse manager


Stefano Gatto

Sales Manager


Valentina Mosca

Sales Person


Bernardo Campagnaro

Sales manager market


Federica Ferrari

Sales Person


Stefano Gioffrè

Sales Person


Leonardo Ballarini

Sales Person


Davide Zannier

Sales Person


Chiara Gasparini

Sales Assistant